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Refund Policy

Once you have purchased our digital services we won't be able to offer a refund. This is due to the fact that you have had access to our digital content. This service is a digital product that cannot be returned in any way and therefore is non refundable. All sales are therefore final. By becoming a client you declare that you are well aware of this aspect and you cease any right to file for a refund after purchase. 

We offer on-demand services:

Since our custom digital services (store setup, store customization and any kind of other service provided by us) can easily be copied and saved, we do not allow or provide any refunds for any reason, once you pay for the services. You agree to this policy and certify that we will not do any refund, regardless of the conditions. 

When you purchase our custom service, you agree to this policy and will respect Winning Ecom Stores on these subjects for refunds. 

When you purchase one of our custom services, our support team will contact you within 12-48 hours regarding the services. You’ll have to respond and communicate with the support team to fulfill the service within 1-2 weeks of the purchase date to get instant . If you fail to avail the service within 1-2 weeks, your service request will be in queue.

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